What is an otoplasty?

Patients are born with varying sizes and shapes to the ear. Sometimes the ear can protrude more than normal. Otoplasty utilizes a small incision hidden behind the ear in combination with suture sculpturing to provide an improved appearance to the ear. For children, waiting until 5 years of age is recommended to avoid affecting the growth of the ear. For children, general anesthesia is recommended; adults can have the procedure under local anesthesia.

What is the recovery time? 

Everyone heals differently but most swelling and bruising is gone by 7-10 days.

Why should I choose Lake Washington Facial Plastic Surgery and Skin Rejuvenation Center?

Our board-certified surgeons concentrate only on the face and neck. Their training has been exclusively devoted to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck. We treat every patient as an individual to achieve a natural and balanced result.

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