“I have had a micro laser peel and upper blepharoplasty performed by Dr Alice Kuntz. I was very pleased with the results. Dr Kuntz and her medical assistant were very calming and took the time to answer all of my questions. After my procedures I received phone calls and Dr Kuntz even came into the office on the weekend to check on one of my concerns.” Diane B.

“I first met Dr. Lee when he performed an amazing facial reconstruction on my 85 year old father for skin cancer. I was so impressed with his technical skill as well as his caring manner and ability to put us at ease. Personally I had been considering blepharoplasty for some time. I was tired of looking at my own puffy eyes. Within a few hours after applying mascara to my lashes, my eyes were ringed like a raccoon’s eyes. I was applying at least three different concealers in an attempt to lighten my eyes. Although I had consulted with other professionals about my problem and my expectations, I hadn’t felt comfortable enough to proceed until I consulted with Dr. Lee. I am so happy that I did! I love the results! Gone are those tired, puffy eyes. I love wearing makeup again because I now have smooth upper lids that show off applied eye shadow. My operation at Dr.Lee’s Issaquah office was in a very private, modern setting. I was very comfortable and well attended by the staff the whole time and the weeks after. I will be definitely returning next year to avail myself of some non-surgical procedures. Dr Lee is my secret weapon for aging more gracefully.” Sydney F.

“The most exciting about abdomen treatment is when I sit down I DO NOT HAVE THE ROLL over the top of my pants!!”

“COOL SCULPT IS REALLY COOL!! I am sooo pleased with the result of this technology. I have tried for years to budge some of this extra “fat”. I had results within weeks…and as the program states…the process takes months to get final results. It’s so really neat to see my body slimming. It has been over 2 months and I’m still a little numb in locations treated. To me, that means more fat is decreasing. This is one of those therapies that is slightly uncomfortable to go through but definitely worth the results!!” Barb

“I LOVE COOLSCULPTING!! I no longer have to starve myself to achieve the body I want. With Coolsculpting, I still eat healthy and work out, because I still gain weight. But I don’t have to deprive myself and can still go out to dinner with my boyfriend and still have a few drinks on girl’s night.

With Coolsculpting, I get to keep my curves and lose the bulges. Coolscultping takes care of the problem areas that I just couldn’t get rid of with diet and exercise. The only down side of Coolsculpting is it is addictive. I’m so happy with my results, I just want to do more. Thanks,” Inga

“I am so excited, it’s a miracle!!!” Chris